Wednesday Wisdom from Framar Health Half Marathon Essentials

03 July 2019

Wednesday Wisdom from Framar Health Half Marathon Essentials

Wednesday Wisdom with Sarah Trimble Nutrition from Framar Health, providing expert nutritional advice & recipes to help support your marathon training.

At Framar Health we stock a huge variety of nutritional supplements that can support athletic performance, stamina and recovery, all key for half marathon training.  However, when it came to choosing what products to put into the goodie bags for all the members of the Challenge 13.1 team we knew straight away what products would benefit these runners the most.  These are our half-marathon training essentials - all available with 20% off at Framar Health until September 22nd.

Active Edge Pomegranate Active Juice: this concentrated pomegranate juice provides ideal pre-training hydration, especially for those days when your training schedule has you out for a longer run. Compounds that naturally occur in pomegranate help to dilate blood vessels enhancing blood flow and oxygen supply to muscles and drinking pomegranate juice between 60 and 30 minutes before exercise has been shown to improve endurance and performance.

Active Edge Cherry Active Juice: this tart cherry juice provides post run support, especially for those runners prone to delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). This juice is packed full of antioxidants that promote muscle recovery and prevents muscle soreness following an intense training session, such as one that includes hill sprints. Cherry Active also contains natural melatonin and can support a good night’s sleep, ideal if you struggle to sleep after an evening run.

BetterYou Magnesium Salts, Gel and Spray: Magnesium is a key mineral for runners as it plays an important role in muscle function and energy production. Magnesium ensures that muscles remain flexible and therefore plays a role in preventing injury and cramping in overworked muscles. Applying Magnesium directly to the skin is the fastest way to increase tissue magnesium levels (much more efficient compared to swallowing a magnesium supplement). Using BetterYou Magnesium gel or spray after a run, or even treating yourself to a bath in their magnesium salts is the perfect way to ensure that muscle magnesium levels stay topped up.