Training Tuesday Update from Stuart Kennedy 26 March

26 March 2019

#TrainingTuesday update from Stuart Kennedy, Official Marathon Coach for the 2019 Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon “Experiment 26.2 Group”

6 weeks until Marathon Sunday, that’s 3 long runs left before your taper starts.


I’m currently being asked about how many long runs people should do and how far should their longest run be. 


Obviously there’s no one answer for these questions because everyone has a different journey to the marathon. Some are seasoned Marathon runners, some are experienced runners that are moving up distance and looking for a certain time...and others are first timers that might have started on C25K programmes; the longest distance they might have ran could have been 10k when the thought of running the Belfast City Marathon entered their heads. 


The one thing that’s the same for all these different runners is they want to feel confident that they will have a good experience on Marathon Sunday.  My advice is simple, don’t think about the training you haven’t done..think about the training you have done. You don’t build up endurance from 5 or 6 long runs of 18 to 22 miles. You build up your endurance from months of training, some months are better than others but consistency is the key. Think about the runs you have done; in the cold, rain, wind or after a hard days work or a sleepless night. 


Take heart in what you have achieved since you started this process & bring the determination you have shown time & time again to the marathon starting line.  Rely on your fitness and run with your heart.


Photo credit:  MonitortheBeat


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