Never Miss a Monday with Better 8 April

08 April 2019

Never Miss a Monday with Better 8 April

Never Miss a Monday update from Bond Lai, Fitness Manager at Better Gym Belfast

Congratulations on your training to date! You are not far off from the big day! Here are few tips to help you perform on the day


  1. Carb up – Don’t forget your carbs, increase your carbohydrate consumption a few days out from event day.
  2. Training – Taper your training, by now you should have done all your big miles and its time to let your body peak.
  3. Rest – During your taper, focus on your mobility, stretch and do some low level CV work.
  4. Plan – Familiarise yourself with your route, you could even walk some of it in the next couple of weeks to tick of your low CV work mentioned in point 3. 
  5. Fun – Have fun! You have worked so hard to get here. Enjoy yourself, let loose. Get plenty of selfies!
  6. Better Gym Belfast – Grab yourself some guest passes and check out the Future of Fitness, Best of luck from the team at Better Gym Belfast.


Featuring our very own Neil Mercer (in picture) a marathon pacer for the Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon and a keen fitness enthusiast, who can often be seen in the gym training hard in our functional area. If you see him on the day give him a wave!