Mary Montague will be taking part for BART

23 November 2018

Mary Montague will be taking part for BART

"Before my knee replacements the pain was excruciating and I couldn’t live a normal life. I travel a lot for work and going through airports I had to get assistance and be in a wheelchair. My social life and home life was also very limited in what I could do."

Mary Montague has dedicated her life to peace in Northern Ireland. Mary works in mediation, conflict resolution and restorative practice and is the proud owner of two partial knee replacements. Since her operations, the Mediators Beyond Borders's Mediator of the Year (2015) and winner of the N. Ireland Community Relations Council Lifetime Achievement Award for Peace Building (2014) is now able to continue her crucial work all over the World. Mary's work means she keeps antisocial hours, can be on her feet all day and often makes keynote speeches at international conferences. Mary says she can now live a really full life again thanks to her partial knee replacements. She can stand up straight without feeling like she will collapse and is free from pain. It has also meant for her, most importantly, she can enjoy her family life with much greater ease again. Having two working knees is essential to make the most of her time with her two very active grandchildren!


Since Mary's operation she started volunteering for BART, as she recognises that the research that BART does helps to achieve better outcomes for patients. Mary sit’s on BART’s primary joint patient liaison group which gives patients a chance to have their say on patient care and future research. This group has been invaluable to staff in Musgrave Park Hospital and they are regularly called upon for their input to various projects.

Mary wanted to give something back. Mary's new knees mean that she can #TakePart4BART by walking in the 2019 Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon. By signing up to #TakePart4BART you will be contributing to future research and patient improvement measures planned by BART for 2019. This includes work on an enhanced recovery approach to surgery. We all know that the health service is under increasing pressure with longer waiting lists and some of you will know of family or friends who are waiting in pain. This study will look at ways helping patients to recover more quickly. This will not only improve the quality of care but also reduce the cost.

Will you join Mary on the 5th of May 2019?  If Mary can do it, you can too! BART is a small charity but the work it does is becoming more important we are living longer and more of us will need new knee hips and knees in our lifetime.


Sign up for the 2019 Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon at via the brand new MyTicket App and tick that you will fundraise for BART.


Email or phone 02890 683530 to get your free fundraising pack today.