Make sure you are RACE DAY READY

04 May 2018

Make sure you are RACE DAY READY


Prepare for the weather, check forecasts in advance & be prepared!

Wear suitable clothing which will protect you from the sun

Bring Factor 50 sunscreen and apply 2 hours before if possible. Whether you’re running for over 2 hours or standing for an hour waiting on your team mates, make sure you are protected from the sun!

Wear a hat or snood to protect your head from the sun

Stay well hydrated. There will be 8 water stations with 330ml bottles which are light in weight to carry & will keep you hydrated until your next stop

Nutrition - there’ll be 3 x Energy Drinks Stations (Powerade), 2 x Energy Gel Stations (High5) and one Nutrition Station (oranges). Use them & keep energised! If you feel you might need more than this on the day, please bring some spare gels etc with you




Medical advice from our Official Marathon Doctor Dr Aisling Diamond:


1: If you’ve been unwell over the last month eg cough, cold, chest pain, chest discomfort, do not participate!


2: If you’ve had any injuries over the last month, do not participate!


If you have any medical concerns which may impact on you participating on Monday, please email


Please also read our medical instructions again! And watch our CPR video which is a pinned post on our Facebook page!


So take the time this weekend to get stocked up on everything you might need and BE PREPARED!


Very best of luck to you all!