LATEST UPDATE on Team Relay Split Times

18 May 2018

Belfast City Marathon management team are aware of an issue around some of the split times for relay runners and a few marathon runners at this year’s Belfast City Marathon.

The problem has been identified at leg B (Bridge end - Hillview) which has caused problems at both leg B and leg C.

Following a meeting with our contractors for race timings, Championchip Ireland, we can confirm the times at the start, leg A (City Hall - Bridge end), leg D (Gideons Green - Corporation Street) and leg E (Corporation street – finish) are all correct.

Team times are all correct as we have the start and finish times recorded. 

Due to a number of contributing factors at the Hillview changeover, which included changes to the layout of the area and a large volume of runners standing on the timing mat or moving back and forth across the timing equipment, Championchip Ireland have identified that times for this leg were disrupted, hence the times for leg C were also affected. 

In order to fix the problem we have been looking at technological solutions, which have not been successful due to volume of misreads at this point.  We have identified that the only solution is for leg B or leg C runners who have noted their own individual times or know the time they took to contact Championchip Ireland at:

They will be able to manually enter this time which will show a clear breakdown of all split times. 

Belfast City Marathon would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the inconvenience caused by this fault.  Unfortunately the problem was only identified after the completion of the race and we have taken steps along with Championchip Ireland to ensure no further re-occurrence of this problem.