Join Graeme and Team Stroke at the Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon

04 January 2019

Join Graeme and Team Stroke at the Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon

Graeme Ferguson, aged 48, from the Banbridge area has joined #TeamStroke and signed up to run the Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon for the Stroke Association.

Graeme’s mum passed away sadly in September of 2018. That, coupled with the shock of his best friend Scott having a stroke and heart attack in July, compelled Graeme to make some necessary life style changes. He is focusing on increasing his fitness levels and starting to look after his health more.


Graeme says: “I had always walked a bit but to be honest, at 48, I thought my running days were over.  I suppose I thought it was bad for my knees or something.  I now know that I was completely wrong about that and I’ve never felt better since taking up running and changing a few things in my life.”


“It started when I first got the news about my mum’s brain tumour. I set myself a challenge to walk 1000 miles in 100 days which I did. I then looked for a bigger better challenge and settled on running 1000 miles by the end of the year.”


“In July of 2018, Scott, my best friend, had a stroke and heart attack at the age of 42. It was a horrendous shock and we thought we were going to lose him.  That day in the hospital we were told to prepare for the worst. But he recovered so well!  He’s now on a lot of medication but is trying to get back to work.  He’s a miracle.”


“Recently, I was just on the Belfast City Marathon website and I saw that the Stroke Association was now a charity partner.  With Scotty having a stroke in July, I said to myself, right, that’s it – I’ll run a marathon and raise some money.”


Join Graeme and join #TeamStroke and sign up to enter the Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon on Sunday 5 May 2019.

Whether you want to do the eight mile walk or fun run, talk a few friends in to a relay team or take on the marathon yourself, you’ll be supporting people living life after stroke.


Graeme is already busy training and has signed up to the Stroke Association’s Resolution Run on Sunday 24 February to help get marathon-ready.


Graeme adds: “I just really enjoy running now! At the moment, I’m doing five k in the mornings and 5 k in the evenings.  I like thinking that since starting exercising more, I’m giving myself the best chance to stay healthy.  I’m fitter, my mood is better and I can even see a difference in my skin.  I’m looking forward to being able to say that I’ve ran a marathon and I’m so glad I can run for a charity that supports local people affected by or recovering from stroke.”


You too can join Graeme and join #TeamStroke by signing up to the Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon right now via their new MyTicket App at and support the almost 37,000 people living life after stroke right here in Northern Ireland today.


The Stroke Association provides specialist services and vital emotional and practical support to stroke survivors and their families across Northern Ireland and the UK. Support includes Life After Stroke grants to fund essential equipment, life-changing speech and language therapy programmes for people with communication difficulties following stroke and long-term support with stroke recovery. We also offer peer support through community based groups who meet regularly.  Stroke survivors and their families can also register on ‘My Stroke Guide’ which gives you free access to trusted information about different types of stroke, risk factors and secondary conditions. To find out more about the support and services we can provide to help. Visit or call the Stroke Helpline on 0303 3033 100.