Face of 2012 Damian McGreevy's latest blog!

So I've been off the grid for a while due to starting a new position in work. I'm now in charge of house keep in the Premier Inn on Alfred Street which has been great.

I also started taking White Ford football team for some fitness training for the next few weeks which keeps Tuesday busy, Monday’s rock climbing training has turned out to be really enjoyable and think I may do some further courses.

This leaves me Thursday, Saturday and Sunday for my running. Over the past few weeks I have been doing a Fartlek run on a Thursday of about 4-6 miles, a 3 mile fast run on a Friday or Saturday followed by a long slow run on a Sunday of about 10-13 miles at about 2 mins a mile slower than I hope to run the marathon. The point of this is to help the body become more fat adapted, I also changed the diet about a bit to help with this and have lost 1stone 4lb. I have found myself really starting to enjoy running again since the diet change and think its helped speed up my recovery from the chemotherapy as I haven’t felt this good in about six years.

I’m really looking forward to this Saturday for the first run out with the guys from Operation 26.2 at the Park Run in Victoria Park. I did a Park Run at the Waterworks off the Antrim Road. It was a mixture of abilities and think it would be a great place to get the feel for running if you’re thinking of taking on the marathon for the first time. I hope to stretch my long runs to about 15 miles during February and if the weather stays warm I think I'll pull the canoe back out.

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