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Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon Results 2016

Marathon Run Results 2016

Team Relay Results 2016



2016 Winners

1 Joel Kositany 02:19:36 1 Berhan Gebrehmichael 02:40:57
2 Eric Koech 02:20:29 2 Laura Graham 02:51:03
3 Dan Tanui 02:24:19 3 Radka Churanova  02:55:40

ASICS Belfast City Half Marathon Results 2015

2015 Half Marathon Results



2015 Winners

Men Women
1 Gideon Kimosop 1:04:21 1 Mercy Jemutai 1:13:33
2 Dan Tanui 1:04:21 2 Rosina Gibionia 1:13:54
3 Paddy Hamilton 1:09:09 3 Caitriona Jennings 1:18:55


Charlie's Story

25 July 2016

Charlie is an inquisitive 3-year-old boy who loves to draw, play football, go to the park, all the things boys his age love to do. When Charlie was born he was diagnosed with ‘Microcephaly’ a rare neurological condition which causes the head and brain to grow at a slower rate than other children. The condition means Charlie has a learning disability affecting his learning and development, he has also been recently diagnosed with epilepsy.
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