Sarah McGarrigle January 2019 Blog

23 January 2019

Sarah McGarrigle January 2019 Blog

Hi my name is Sarah McGarrigle, I am a mum to a sweet 9 year old boy from Belfast.

I work as a classroom assistant and a Dramatherapist in a local grammar school.  My love for running began 4 years ago when I enrolled to my local couch to 5k group, this group set me on my way to complete 3 10k races and in September 2017 I completed the Deep RiverRock Belfast City Half Marathon.  The atmosphere that day was amazing and this is one of the many reasons why I want to complete my 1st Marathon in my home town.

I applied for the Experiment 26.2 group because I wanted to run my 1st Marathon and I could see from this group that you would receive great support and a tailored programme on how to achieve this massive goal.  One other important reason why I want to do this was because of my Big brother, 18 months ago my brother was on his death bed and we thought as a family we were going to lose him.  Within 2 weeks he pulled through, however the impact on his health was huge, he left hospital finding it hard to walk and even to breathe. Fast-forward to 4th November 2018, and we as a family were at the New York Marathon finish line when my Brother crossed it with a time of 5 hours.  This person means the world to me and my son, to watch him come from poor health to achieve a huge goal is my inspiration, he is the drive for me and my training.

When I found out I got a place on the Experiment 26.2 group I was nervous and excited at the same time, nervous that I wasn’t as good as everyone else or that I’ll not be able to do it and excited to meet everyone and hear everyone’s story.  On Sat 12th January 2019 we all got the chance to meet at Jungle NI to complete the Crystal maze Challenge, what a day it was.  The day was brilliant from start to finish, we really got the chance to meet each other and support each other on the tasks, just like on this journey that we are all on, the need to encourage and help each other.  We also received our cool Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon Hoodies.

At our Monday meeting we had the chance to speak with our coach Stuart Kennedy, he was able to answer most of our concerns regarding the training and eating etc., he also give us the training schedule which scared me into think what have I signed up too.  We also received our goodie bag at this meeting from Framar Health which was filled with all the goodies that we might need for our training and also our Deep RiverRock Water, Powerade and our Better gym membership. My training has its good days and bad days, I found my long run on Sunday hard as it was wet and dark, but with the WhatsApp group and knowing I have support there if I need it, keeps me going.

I have started using the Multi-Guard Sport multi vitamins and minerals that I received from Framar Health each morning.  With my longer runs I have used the Beet Active Juice 1 hour before I run and I have used Cherry Active Juice after my runs, both of this came in my goodie bag and I really enjoy taking them and I feel they are have helped in my training.  I am now looking forward to receiving my Adidas Kit from McKeever Intersport at Rushmere Shopping Centre and also looking forward to taking part in the Stroke 10k in Feb and the SPAR Craic 10k in March.

I’ll be fundraising for one the event Charity Partners, Action Mental Health and look forward to raising funds over the coming weeks for such an important charity.