Route Information **2019 TO BE CONFIRMED**

Please click here for the latest news on the 2018 route.

Team Relay


Alternatively, please see the the route directions for the Team Relay below;

City Hall   Hughenden Avenue
Chichester Street   Salisbury Avenue
Turn Right   Turn Left
Victoria Street   Antrim Road
Comac Street   Floral Bridge
Turn Left   Whitewell Road
East Bridge Street   Turn Left
Albertbridge Road   Arthur Bridge
Turn Right   Arthur Road
Newtownards Road   Mill Road
Turn Left   Turn Left
Holywood Road   Shore Road
Turn Left   Turn Right
Sydenham Bypass   Whitehouse Park 2nd Entrance
Bridge End   Gideons Green
Queen's Bridge   Cycle Path
Ann Street   Turn Left
Turn Right   Dargan Road
Victoria Street   Turn Right
Turn Left   Dargan Crescent
High Street   Turn Left
Castle Junction   Duncrue Road
Castle Street   Turn Right at Roundabout
Divis Street   Duncrue Street
Falls Road   Whitla Street
Turn Right   Garmoyle Street
Clonard Street   Corporation Street
Clonard Gardens   Turn Left
Turn Left   Corporaton Square
Cupar Street   Donegal Quay
Turn Right   Oxford Street
Springfield Road   Turn Left
Turn Right   Lanyon Place
Lanark Way   Under Railyway Bridge
Turn Left   Turn Right
Mayo Link   Mays Meadow
Turn Right   Turn Right
Mayo Street   Side Gate of Maysfield
Turn Right   Tow Path
Woodvale Road   Turn Left
Shankill Road   Ormeau Bridge
Turn Left   Ormeau Road
Tennent Street   Turn Left at Roundabout
Cross Crumlin Road   Ravenhill Road
Hillview Road   Turn Left
Turn Left   Ormeau Embankment
Oldpark Road   Turn Left
Cliftonville Circus   Driveway to Tennis Centre
Cliftonville Road    
Turn Right    
Westland Road