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White’s Oats has been a sampling partner of the Deep River Rock Belfast City Marathon for over six years, supporting athletes and runners with their range of quality award winning porridge oats and oat based breakfast cereals.

White's has been milling oats since 1841 in Tandragee, Co. Armagh. All of White’s Oats are grown by its trusted network of 25 local farmers, some of whom are 3rd generation and it is the strength of partnerships with local farmers that allow White’s to continually produce quality, award winning porridge oats. With over 175 years of heritage, expertise, craft and passion crammed into every single oat kernel, it’s this care and uncompromising quality that delivers the distinctive texture and creamy taste of White’s Oats which are also high in fibre, naturally low in saturated fat with no added salt.

From classic traditional porridge oats- Speedicook and Organic Jumbo Oats, to Toatly Oaty instant microwavable oats and ActivOat High Protein porridge, and its range of granolas and Toasted Oats Crunchy Oat Clusters, there really is an oat for everyone.

The mighty oat is a natural superfood, 100% wholegrain and an excellent source of fibre, protein, vitamins and antioxidants. Most importantly oats contain complex carbohydrates which are the body’s primary fuel source and therefore vital for optimal training and performance. These non-refined sources of carbohydrates will break down slowly in the body and give a prolonged release of energy over a period of time- perfect for those long runs or training runs. These slow release carbohydrates should make up about 40-50% of your daily nutritional intake, and they should be included in each meal.

Oats are a wonderfully versatile food and can be made into quick, simple, easy pre or post training snacks and meals to help with training. Mix up an on the go smoothie with our partner Linwoods, boost your morning with a blueberry and oat superbowl or blend oats into turkey meatballs for a lean healthy mid-week supper. For these and other great tasting recipes visit www.whitesoats.co.uk

Winner of 47 GTA awards over 10 consecutive years, White’s Oats are available from all leading supermarkets in Northern Ireland and in Tesco and Supervalu in Ireland.

This year, each participant will receive a sample of White’s ActivOat High Protein nourishing porridge made from 100% natural wholegrain oats with added soy protein. With 10.6g of protein in every 40g serving and high in fibre to keep you fuller for longer, it contains all nine essential amino acids the vital building blocks of muscle growth and repair. ActivOat High Protein porridge provides perfect fuel for a pre workout boost or post workout recovery.

For more information on White’s, visit our website at www.whiteoats.co.uk or check out our facebook, Instagram and twitter page on www.facebook.com/whitesoats www.twitter.com/whitesoats and www.instagram.com/whitesoats

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