Linwoods are delighted to be a sampling partner for the Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon providing every participant with a sample of our healthy super foods range, that can be added to any meal at any time of the day for a nutrient packed pick me up.

Established in the 1940’s and based in Armagh, Northern Ireland, Linwoods are a family owned business, producing a range of healthy superfood combinations that add essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to your diet.

Linwoods ensure the highest quality is reflected in their products. Sourcing the finest quality ingredients, Linwoods products are all gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and organic.

It is a truism that ‘you are what you eat’ and with Linwoods nutritious superfoods, you can add a healthy boost to almost everything you eat. Simply sprinkle on your breakfast cereal, smoothie or porridge, add to your favourite lunch time salad, soup or yoghurt or additionally boost your evening meal with these tasty superfoods.

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