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Have you signed up for the 2019 Deep River Rock Belfast City Marathon?  Would you like to #TakePart4BART?

You can run, walk, relay or wheel and if you #TakePart4BART you can help support our world leading research.


Who we are and why #TakePart4BART?


Belfast Arthroplasty Research Trust (BART) was formed in 2002 by a group of surgeons and engineers from Queen’s University Belfast. ‘Arthroplasty’ just means joint replacement and often this means a new hip or knee. The charity is based at Musgrave Park Hospital, which is one of the biggest orthopaedic units in the United Kingdom. BART’s vision is to provide world leading orthopaedic research to improve patient care.




You may think, “I’ve never heard of BART, why should I choose them as my charity?” This is all the more reason why we need you! We are a small local charity but the work we do is becoming more important as we all get older and more of us need new hips and knees. In fact, it is predicted that by 2030 the number of patients requiring a new hip or knee will have doubled. With your help we can make people more aware of BART and so help us raise more funds.  Although we are a small charity we can really improve the care we give to our patients through our research.


What we do

We have carried out research on how we can make our operations more efficient and how we can reduce the number of problems after the operation.  For example improving surgical techniques for hip surgery:



Our patients now spend less time in hospital and have a faster recovery. The research we have published has changed how patients are looked after not just here in Northern Ireland but around the world.




The biggest study we are working on now is called TRAC-24. The aim is to reduce blood loss in patients having a new hip or knee. Less blood loss means the patient has more energy and this should help recovery. Over 1000 patients have joined this study and the results may change how we do things here and around the world.

BART is also doing other things to help our patients:   

  • A walking group in conjunction with the ‘Get Fit, Get Ready for Surgery’ campaign run by staff from Musgrave Park Hospital. Research shows that exercise helps you recover when done before and after surgery.
  • A patient liaison group - giving patients a voice and helping them to make a difference.


We need to build on this work and if you #TakePart4BART in 2019’s Deep River Rock Belfast City Marathon events you can help us with our future projects:

  • Enhanced recovery approach to surgery:  We all know that the health service is under increasing pressure with longer and longer waiting lists and some of you will know of family or friends who are waiting in pain. Our next study will look at ways helping patients to recover more quickly. This will not only improve the quality of care but also reduce the cost.


BART surgery.jpg


  • Setting up a patient support group:  We listen to what patients want. Our patient liaison group has said that the days and weeks after surgery can be tough and that talking to someone who had been through it before would have really helped. One of our aims for 2019 is to set up a patient support group to fulfil this need.


Every pound raised for BART through your Deep River Rock Belfast City Marathon challenges will stay in Northern Ireland, these two projects alone have huge potential to significantly improve how our patients do. 



We’d love you to join the #BARTcrew by contacting us on where we can help and support you with your fundraising and training throughout your marathon challenge.  We’ve got sponsorship forms, fundraising guides and BART running t-shirts and vests for everyone who can #TakePart4BART.

Whether you’ve had a new hip or knee or may need one in the future, BART can make a difference to you. Please #TakePart4BART and improve patient care.

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