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So you’re considering signing up to the 2019 Belfast City Marathon? Chances are, you’d like to put your efforts to good use and raise money for a worthy, local charity while you’re at it. There are many reasons to choose Action Mental Health. Whether you run, walk or wheel your way to the finish line in aid of AMH, you’ll be raising funds for a great local charity. A charity that helps people in Northern Ireland who are experiencing mental ill-health to reclaim their lives and get back into work, training or education as well as promoting resilience and well-being to our future generations.

You’ll also be helping to smash the enduring stigma of mental ill-health and shine a light on our marathon motto #BehindTheMilesandSmiles.

#BehindTheMilesandSmiles reminds us of the scientifically-proven mental health benefits of chocking up the miles through physical activity. And it also prompts us to acknowledge that not everyone’s smile is genuine – it can be a mask that hides the sadness of anxiety, depression or another mental illness. People like Robin Williams, Ruby Wax and Stephen Fry are known for spreading the laughter but they all admitted to hiding behind a mask, fighting personal battles with depression.


By fundraising for Action Mental Health you will be helping to make a real difference, helping us to support thousands of people, of all ages, right across Northern Ireland.


  • £100 could help provide learning materials to support 100 young people through resilience awareness training.
  • £300 could pay for a specialist mental health promotion session for up to 30 young people.
  • £500 could help provide personal development sessions for adults recovering from mental ill health, helping them develop strategies to cope with stress and anxiety.
  • £1000 could pay for a mental health resilience programme for a local primary school class and their teachers.


Action Mental Health was founded way back in 1963 at a time when great stigma was still attached to mental ill-health. Originally known as the Industrial Therapy Organisation, our branches were tucked away in discreet locations around the country.  Today, however, as mental ill-health grabs the headlines almost daily, Action Mental Health is proud to be Northern Ireland’s leading mental health charity. With sites and services across the country, we are proud to stand alongside our clients in a bid to break down the remaining stigmas. It’s also our privilege to be able to let people know that there is help out there and to work with our future generations to build their resilience and tackle stigma at an early age.

AMH aims to enhance the quality of life and the employability of people with mental health needs right across Northern Ireland and strives to provide our clients with an abundant and wide-ranging array of opportunities. We encourage them to adopt a healthier lifestyle and to widen their social networks and also provide them with the skills to build a better future, set personal goals, develop coping skills, re-engage with society and become more employable.



Each year our services support more than 2,500 clients and by working in partnership with schools, colleges and community organisations, we promote positive mental health to a further 18,000 children, young people and adults.

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