Wednesday Wisdom from Framar Health Hot Chocolate Recipe

19 December 2018

Wednesday Wisdom from Framar Health Hot Chocolate Recipe

Wednesday Wisdom - Post-run cashew hot chocolate recipe courtesy of Sarah Trimble Nutrition at Framar Health

Makes 2 generous servings

This is a slightly different hot chocolate recipe, packed with protein, trace minerals and spices it provides an ideal post-run drink in the colder winter months. Cocoa based drinks have been proven to promote exercise recovery in various clinical trials, and cacao has an anti-inflammatory action that promotes muscle recovery. Marshmallows optional!


  • Cacao powder is a rich source of magnesium, iron and calcium, while the ginger and cinnamon spices have a beneficial anti-inflammatory action that reduces the post-exercise inflammatory response.
  • The cashew nuts, tahini and cacao powder are all rich sources of magnesium and calcium, these two nutrients work together to promote proper muscle function during exercise and recovery after exercise. We need to consume extra magnesium when exercising regularly – this drink is a great tasting way to top up levels.
  • The cashew nuts and tahini will also provide zinc, a mineral that is essential for energy production and post exercise muscle repair.
  • The salt provides sodium that helps to replace any lost through sweat and promote post-exercise rehydration.