Training Tuesday Update from Stuart Kennedy 5 March

05 March 2019

#TrainingTuesday update from Stuart Kennedy, Official Marathon Coach for the 2019 Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon “Experiment 26.2 Group”

It’s only 9 weeks until Marathon Sunday.

This is the time when you start to feel little niggles. It’s very important you manage anything that might potentially turn into an injury. 

1: After all your hard work over the past few months the most important thing is to get yourself to the starting line injury free. 

2: Listen to your body, you are the expert on how you feel. 

3: Don’t be afraid to take an extra rest day when you really need it. One or two days off could save you weeks of trying to recover from an injury. 

4: Treat yourself to a sports massage, this will improve your muscle function & take any tightness away.  Contact our Nutrition Partner Framar Health for more detail.

5: Hydration: adequate hydration can improve recovery, minimize injury and cramping.

6: Sleep: a good nights sleep allows your body to repair, enabling you to bounce back stronger and faster. 

7: If you're looking to increase your mileage it’s important to fuel your body properly before, during, and after your run to ensure you're running at your best. Follow our weekly Wednesday Wisdom update from Framar Health or why not contact them for specialist advice.

✅ Need some help with your training? Stuart can provide a tailored training plan and one to one coaching for a Marathon, Half Marathon or to run a “leg” of our Team Relay event.  Contact Stuart via our website: