Training Tuesday Update from Stuart Kennedy 5 February

05 February 2019

Training Tuesday Update from Stuart Kennedy 5 February

#TrainingTuesday update from Stuart Kennedy, Official Marathon Coach for the 2019 Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon “Experiment 26.2 Group”

To celebrate health month let’s look at the mental and physical health benefits of running.


As a runner and coach the top 8 benefits for me & my athletes are:




1: Helps to build strong bones, as it is a weight bearing exercise


2: Strengthens muscles


3: Improve cardiovascular fitness


4: Helps maintain a healthy weight


5: Reduces stress


6: Improves your sleep pattern


7: Motivates us to get out there and meet fellow runners


8: Gives you more energy because aerobic activities encourage blood flow to your brain and supply it with oxygen


Need some help with your training? Stuart can provide a tailored training plan and one to one coaching for a Marathon, Half Marathon or to run a “leg” of our Team Relay event.  Contact Stuart via our website here!