Training Tuesday Update from Stuart Kennedy 27 August

27 August 2019

Training Tuesday Update from Stuart Kennedy 27 August

Official Coach Stuart Kennedy shares his latest #TrainingTuesday update!  Stuart is coaching our Challenge 13.1 team who are all training for their 1st Half Marathon - in Belfast on Sunday 22 September!


“4 weeks until Half Marathon Sunday. That’s 3 long runs before you start to ease down for race day.  This is your last big push and the time to do your hardest training. 


1: Actively look for company for your last 3 long runs


2: Rest & Sleep are very important. Your family and friends really need to support you this month to enable you to recover properly between training sessions


3: Decide which Gels & Electrolyte drinks suit you best and ideal times to take them.  Consider those which give you the energy return you’ll need for longer runs.  **High 5 (non caffeine) energy gels and PowerAde energy drinks stations will be available on Sunday 22nd September


4: The end is in sight.  Make this your best month, have a plan and stick to it. The training you put in this month will make Half Marathon Sunday a day to remember.”


✅ Stuart can provide a tailored training plan & one to one coaching for a 10K, Half Marathon or Marathon. Contact Stuart via our website HERE.