Training Tuesday Update from Stuart Kennedy 26 February

26 February 2019

#TrainingTuesday update from Stuart Kennedy, Official Marathon Coach for the 2019 Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon “Experiment 26.2 Group”

10 weeks to go until Marathon Sunday.

Last week we looked at how to keep yourself motivated. This week we are going to look at the practical issues you will need to consider so you reduce the likelihood of any problems that you might encounter on Marathon morning.

1: if your training shoes are  starting to feel flat, this is the time to buy new shoes that you can train in & have them well broke in for marathon day.

2: Socks, you wouldn’t believe how many people buy new socks to run the marathon in & end up with terrible blisters. Buy you socks now run a few LSR in them and make sure you have them washed and ready to wear 3:If you are planning to wear different shorts & vest (perhaps one of our charity partners) start to wear them on your LSR to make sure they don’t cause chafing.

4: Breakfast, try out a few different breakfasts before your LSR , stick to the one that doesn’t upset your stomach & helps fuel your run. Do not try anything new the morning of the marathon.

5: Try a few different gels or electrolyte drinks on your LSR. Find the one that meets your needs & you like the taste of and  make sure you have it bought well before marathon day.

6: check out the Marathon course & make yourself aware of the course elevation so your training runs mirror the course as much as possible.

7: Closer to the 5th of May check out how you are getting to the start line to  alleviate any unnecessary worry the morning of the Marathon.