Training Tuesday Update from Stuart Kennedy 12 March

12 March 2019

#TrainingTuesday update from Stuart Kennedy, Official Marathon Coach for the 2019 Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon “Experiment 26.2 Group”

Can you believe it’s only 8 weeks until Marathon Sunday. That’s only 5 weeks of training left until you start to taper.

This is time that you should be looking for a few races to test how your training is going & to give yourself a break from the same training runs. There’s a few ways you can use races as part of your build up to the marathon.

1) Enter a half marathon and go for a time, this will give you a good indication of what time you could expect for the marathon, the general rule is double your half marathon time & add between 10 & 20 mins and you should run your marathon close to that time. So if you run a 1hr 30 half marathon you should expect to run your Marathon anytime between 3hrs 10mins to 3hrs 20mins for the Marathon.

2) Enter a 10k race so that you get practice of getting up early on race day running in crowds & at the end of your 10k continue running another 10 or 12 miles, this will teach you to control your early miles in the marathon because if you run the 10k too fast you will find the next 10 to 12 miles very difficult.  There are still entries available for the SPAR Craic 10K this St Patricks Day.  You can register by phone here:  028 99 611916.

3) Enter a 3/4 Marathon just before you start your taper this will give you a practice run for the big day, you can try the breakfast you plan to eat on marathon Sunday, try your gels & find out the best times to take them, practice drinking at water stations. Run close to your marathon pace but not at Marathon pace because you don’t want to empty your tank before the marathon. The general rule is to run 5% slower than your predicted Marathon pace if you are planning to run a 3 hour which is around 6.50 per mile pace for the marathon the approx pace for your 3/4 would be 7.13 mile pace.  Why not sign up for the Craigavon Lakes 3/4 marathon on Sunday 14th April:

Racing more often will give you the confidence and experience you need to run the best Marathon you can.