Training Tuesday Update from Stuart Kennedy 10 September

10 September 2019

Training Tuesday Update from Stuart Kennedy 10 September

Official Coach Stuart Kennedy shares his latest #TrainingTuesday update.  Stuart is coaching our Challenge 13.1 team who are all training for their 1st Half Marathon - in Belfast on Sunday 22 September!

“In two Sunday’s time you will be standing on the starting line of the Deep RiverRock Belfast City Half Marathon.  You will be part of the biggest half marathon in Northern Ireland. 

If you have been lucky enough to get this far injury free, it’s all about getting to the starting line fit and healthy.

Don’t try any new training over the next 2 weeks. Stick to what you have been doing but start to taper from this weekend.

From Sunday onwards make sure you don’t push yourself in your training, shorten the runs but keep your runs at the same pace.

Try and get as much sleep as you can over the next 2 weeks and continue to eat healthy foods.

If you have any questions about your taper please just ask.”


✅ Stuart can provide a tailored training plan & one to one coaching for a 10K, Half Marathon or Marathon. Contact Stuart via our website HERE.