Meet some of the BART fun runners who are gearing up to Take Part for BART

01 February 2019

Meet some of the BART fun runners who are gearing up to Take Part for BART

The medical secretaries in the Primary Joint Unit in Musgrave Park Hospital have a wealth of experience when it comes to knowing about joint replacements, they chat to patients on a daily basis. These secretaries are an essential part of the team at Musgrave Park Hospital that care for joint replacement patients. One of their main roles is managing the waiting list for the many surgeons within the Unit. 

They are constantly trying to meet targets under the pressures of lengthy waiting list times.  They receive numerous calls from patients querying where they are on the list and when their surgery will take place. 

“We try and reassure patients about their place on the list and forward their calls and queries to help them. It’s a really busy office, we get lots of calls from patients every day.”

The Primary Joint Unit medical secretary team have chosen to support BART at the Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon on the 5th of May 2019 by taking part in the fun run.

In particular, this is a cause that’s very close to Alison’s heart. Her Dad had a hip replacement 2 years ago. “Before Dad’s hip replacement he struggled to walk and was very restricted in what he could do.  Lots of jobs around the house were too difficult for him like decorating which he really enjoyed.  Now he is like a new man.  He has no pain and his quality of life has improved so much and I’ve even seem him out cutting the grass.”

Her Dad says; “I remember being told by many friends that a hip replacement would transform my life but I never really believed them. I needed to use two sticks to walk.  I was stooped over, finding it difficult to go anywhere and embarrassed when I did go out.”  

“Now I can stand upright again and can walk using one stick.  I have lost some weight and feel more confident when going out. ”

This year Alison will be doing the fun run not only with her work colleagues, but also with her daughter who wanted to do it too when she saw the difference a new hip made to her Grandfather.

By fundraising for BART Alison and the team are helping to support the enhanced recovery approach to surgery service improvement that BART is funding in 2019. BART is working with the dedicated staff of Musgrave Park Hospital who are passionate about providing the best care for patients. The project will include hip and knee replacement patients in Musgrave Park Hospital, but if successful can be translated to other procedures and in fact other hospitals in N. Ireland as well. Patients will be better prepared for their operation which will reduce the total impact of surgery, helping them to recover more quickly. This study will not only enhance the patient journey but will also increase the efficiency of the process which will reduce patient waiting lists. The secretaries talk to patients on a daily basis who are waiting too long in pain.

Belfast Arthroplasty Research Trust (BART) is a small local charity but the work they do is becoming more important as we all get older and more of us need new hips and knees. In fact, it is predicted that by 2030 the number of patients requiring a new hip or knee will have doubled. With your help we can make people more aware of BART and help raise more funds.  Although BART is a small charity it can really improve the care given to patients through research.

 The fun run is 2.5 miles and you can walk it if you like so there’s no reason not to sign up and #TakePart4BART. So whether you are 2 or 102 walk, run or wheel and support BART’s essential research!

To support BART’s fundraising campaign select them when registering for the 2019 Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon.  Already signed up and would like to start fundraising for them?  Contact Beverley at or 02895 043215.

Entries are NOW OPEN at via the MyTicket App.  The current entry rate will apply until 28th February 2019 with a final entry deadline on 12th April 2019.