Lisa from Belfast is calling on you to join Team Stroke this September

02 August 2019

Lisa from Belfast is calling on you to join Team Stroke this September

Lisa from Belfast is calling on you to join #TeamStroke on 22 September.

Sign up today to run the Deep RiverRock Belfast City Half Marathon and help support people to rebuild their lives after stroke.

Lisa Lecky lives in Belfast with partner Adam and their two children, Conor and Orla.

When Lisa had a stroke in March 2015, Lisa’s world was turned upside down. She was 37 and only 10 weeks pregnant with her second child Orla. Life changed in a flash that day from eagerly awaiting the birth of her child to waking up in a hospital bed unable to move her left leg and left arm.

Once her medical condition stabilised, one of Lisa’s biggest fears was not being able to look after her children.

Over the following months Lisa faced an uphill battle as she underwent stroke rehabilitation, all that while coping with the usual worries and pressures of pregnancy.

As a result of her stroke Lisa spent a total of six months in hospital away from her day to day life with partner Adam and 13 month old son Conor. These were difficult times but she persevered with the help and support of her family, medical staff and the support she received from the Stroke Association.

In September 2015, baby Orla was born.  Although greatly relieved at the birth of a healthy baby girl, it was agonising for Lisa not being able to lift or feed her new-born baby. Lisa then threw every ounce of strength she had into regaining mobility and making a good recovery.

Lisa says: “Before my stroke I was fit and healthy.  I walked to work every day, I’d just completed a Couch to 5K and had just started running my local Park Run on Saturday mornings.”

“At what should have been a happy time for my family, I spent worrying over how I could be an active mum to Orla and Conor. I’ve put so much hard work into my rehabilitation after my stroke so that I could do as much as possible for my children. I’ve lost the use of my left arm permanently and I have limited mobility in my leg but I feel lucky as I never lost my speech and cognitively I’m ok. My family have been incredible – I feel very lucky to have such strong family support.

“In those early months of my recovery, one initial goal was to be able to take the kids for a walk around the local park independently. I’m so glad to say that I am now able to do that. My goals for the future are to be physically strong and fit enough to be able to look after my children on my own.”

“For me, the support from the Stroke Association started in the hospital. We were still trying to come to terms with what had happened to me. To have Carmel Lavery from the charity’s Stroke Support team there providing expert support to me and my family, was just invaluable.

While I was still in the hospital, I remember Carmel running a mindfulness session and I’ll always remember how my partner Adam, got so much from it at the time.

When I was discharged from hospital, I found the relationship we had built with Carmel from the charity, so important to my recovery.  I knew I had a long way to go but Carmel continued checking on how we were doing and offering all sorts of information, encouragement and above all, unwavering support.

I found that being involved with the charity helped me to meet other people who had been through something similar. It gave me strength and determination and I knew I wasn’t alone in this.”

“I really don’t believe people know enough about what a stroke really is. That it’s a brain injury and that it can happen to any one of us at any age. I say this because I didn’t until it happened to me.”

“Stroke affects more than 37,000 people in Northern Ireland and I know personally, the devastating impact that it can have. I’m so grateful for all the support I received when stroke struck my family and I want to help the Stroke Association support other people affected by this”.

In March 2019, Lisa was delighted to return to driving, something that has given Lisa and her family a lot more independence.

Lisa says, “We can all raise more awareness of stroke so I’m asking you to sign up, run the Deep RiverRock Belfast City Half Marathon and fundraise for the Stroke Association. The money you raise will support people like me and my family, rebuilding lives after stroke.”

To join #TeamStroke at this year’s Deep RiverRock Belfast City Half Marathon SIGN UP here and remember to tick our charity when registering: 


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