Hydration and Energy Stations plus duty of care on race day

13 September 2017

Hydration and Energy Stations plus duty of care on race day

Please find below details of the Hydration and Energy Stations at the 2017 Deep RiverRock Belfast City Half Marathon.

Last month we announced the introduction of 330ml bottles of Deep RiverRock water at ALL Hydration points, a first for the Deep RiverRock Belfast City Half Marathon - click HERE for the full article.

Hydration points - there will be 4 in total, placed approximately every 5km along the route.

Energy Stations - there will be 2 energy drink stations (PowerAde) and 2 High5 Energy Gel stations along the route.

Importance of hydrating during your race - as a general rule you should aim for 120ml to 150ml of cold fluid every 10 to 15 minutes.  More details on this can be found HERE.

Duty of care to your fellow runners and the environment - as this is the first year we will be offering bottles of water at all Hydration points, we are very mindful of the health & safety and environmental impact.  

There will be recycle bins located approximately 200 yards after each Hydration point. PLEASE use the bins provided and do not throw your bottle of water (including energy drinks / gels) on the ground.  

Not only is this a health and safety risk to your fellow runners, this poses a threat to your environment.  

Remember the bottles are small in size at 330ml so won't be hard to carry for a short distance until you see a bin.  

We hope that you appreciate the importance of following these guidelines so that we can consider returning with bottles of water for the event next year.