31 August 2016


Every now and again a new must-eat foodstuff emerges for athletes and suddenly everyone is munching on that high profile ingredient in the hope that an easy dietary change will give a boost to performance.

Inevitably trends come and go, but hemp is living up to the hype and promises to be an enduring element of sporting dietary regimes.



Packed with muscle-friendly Protein (10.4g per serving) and energy-boosting Iron (4.02mg per serving) Linwoods Shelled Hemp is a great way to access the much-lauded Hemp Health Attributes … and these tiny seeds produce a whole lot of nutritional benefits which are ideally suited to runners.

That high Protein content (35g of Protein provided in every 100g of Linwoods Shelled Hemp Seeds) is good news for muscle building, but Protein is also an essential nutrient contributing to the growth and maintenance of bones and skin. 

Just two desert-spoonfuls of shelled help can also provide your body with 29% of its recommended daily allowance of Iron – an essential element which help to create the red blood cells that carry oxygen around our bodies.  Iron also helps reduce symptoms of tiredness or fatigue and provides the immune system with a boost.

Hemp is also high in Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids including nine Amino Acids which our bodies cannot produce naturally and it’s a good source of Omega 3 which can help the body to maintain healthy bones, joints, hair and skin. As any diet-savvy runner will testify, Omega-3 Fatty Acids are highly anti-inflammatory, a function which aids recovery from workouts better and faster.   Hemp is also a source of Magnesium which, like Iron, helps ward off fatigue as well as supporting healthy teeth and bones.  Significantly for anyone who is putting a lot of effort into stamina building, the electrolyte Magnesium also helps our muscles to stay relaxed and avoid cramping.

That’s a great tick list of health benefits from a small and seemingly innocuous little seed.  So what’s the bad news?  Does it taste grim?

Actually it’s all good, for Hemp is full of flavour with a rich, nutty texture.  It is easily digested and can be used in a variety of ways, booting your sports nutrition with minimum effort (save the effort for the gym!).

A spoonful of Hemp sprinkled over salads, yogurt, soups, stir-fry or porridge packs a mighty health punch and adds a lively depth of flavour or stir some into a smoothie or ice cream.  If you’re clever in the kitchen, try adding a touch of Linwoods Shelled Hemp to your favourite Muffin or Bread recipe.

It’s a nutrient-packed marvel which works super hard, whether you go for a simple sprinkle or a culinary marvel … maybe adding Hemp to a Rosemary-crusted Rack of Lamb. Check out some inspirational recipe ideas at www.linwoodshealthfoods.com.

Cooking doesn’t get much yummier or healthier than this!