Framar Health Clinic Services assisting you on your marathon training journey

21 December 2018

Framar Health Clinic Services assisting you on your marathon training journey

A big part of our business is our clinic where we consult with clients about their health. We work with BANT registered nutritionists, sports massage therapists, reflexologists and a podiatrist who can help and assist you on your marathon training journey.

  • Nutrition

Along with training, nutrition is the most important factor for determining performance on race day. Most runners spend many hours per week training, planning and preparing their training sessions…but how much time is spent on nutrition? Often nutrition is taken for granted and this could jeopardise all the hours and days of hard training.


  • Sports Massage

Sports massage is vital for optimum recovery from injury as well as instrumental for injury prevention. Sports massage increase blood circulation in the muscles and relaxes muscle fibres resulting in more energy and stamina during physical activity.


  • Reflexology

Reflexology helps the body maintain health, balance and equilibrium by enhancing the flow of energy, encouraging the body to heal itself and for the body systems to work again in unison.


  • Podiatry

During a 10 mile run, the feet make 15,000 strikes at a force of three to four times the body’s weight. Podiatric treatment is recommended for all runners for the prevention and treatment of injuries.


We are also home to many other therapies like health screen analysis, food sensitivity testing and osteopathy and all our health practitioners have a comprehensive knowledge of our herbal & homeopathic dispensary, supplement and product range.


Get in touch with us on 028 9068 1018 to make an appointment and see how complementary medicine and natural therapies could help restore balance and health on your marathon journey.