Cook Off Recipes Revealed!

10 February 2018

Cook Off Recipes Revealed!

Continuing with our Health Month activities in February, Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon sampling partners White's Oats and Linwoods Healthfoods went head to head in the Cook Off today at the Mencap Centre.

Two teams were selected from our Experiment 26.2 Group and were tasked with cooking the following White's Oats and Linwoods marathon fueled recipes, as chosen by the public vote last week:

Team One:  Breakfast recipe

Chocolate Chia Pancakes (Linwoods)

Team Two:  Lunch / Dinner recipe

Crunchy Asian Chicken Salad (White's Oats)

Both teams had the task of making the following Snack recipe (White's Oats and Linwoods)

Nutty Energy Balls

We can finally reveal the delicious recipes! 

Why not have a go at these yourself, click on the recipe links above!