Belfast Trust IT team get moving and Take Part for BART

08 March 2019

Belfast Trust IT team get moving and Take Part for BART

Meet the ‘HM-Afaleets’ all based in the Henry Moore IT Building in the Belfast City Hospital. The Belfast Health and Social Care Trust team are part of the newly created Cyber Security Team and Novosco so play an important role in the Trust.

“Last year a few of us in work decided we needed something to do to keep us fit and to burn off all the office buns, so we started running at lunch time.”


Sarah, Steven, Tim, Conor and Richard spend their days in front of computers so the lunchtime running club was an excellent way to move more and sit less!  Needless to say they all got the running bug and started signing up to 5k & 10k events. “This year we thought with all the running we are doing we should put it to good use and we have chosen to #TakePart4BART in relay in the Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon. As BART is an associated Trust charity, can make a real difference in the area of joint replacement but is little known, we wanted to run for them - to boost people’s awareness of the great work they do.”  This will be the first time all 5 are running as relay team. 


With all the lunch time running, Tim decided to join Scrabo Striders based in Newtownards.  They have 3 coach led sessions per week and a couple more times for “Social runs” which normally end up in a coffee shop!  He says; “I’m really looking forward to taking in the whole atmosphere of the day”.  Conor has been using running as regular exercise for at least 20 years but mostly running alone.   “I would run the odd 5K/10K race now and again but never took it too seriously or had any aspirations to complete a marathon. I was pleased to meet like-minded runners in the office and help setup a bit of a community”.  Steven’s GP recommended that he participated in some regular exercise. “I started going badminton and tennis but was finding it difficult to get the time to do it after work. Then colleagues at work started a lunch time run group, so I joined them and really enjoy the company and runs.”  Since starting running, Sarah too now competes in 5k & 10k runs to keep herself active and motivated.  She has a special reason for choosing to run for BART.  “My Mum has had a hip replacement at the young age of 53 back in 2015 and she is also taking part … as a volunteer on the day!” 


If you’d like to support HM-Afaleets go to

They would really appreciate your support! Your donations will contribute to future research and patient improvement measures planned by BART for 2019. This includes work on an enhanced recovery approach to surgery. We all know that the health service is under increasing pressure with longer waiting lists and some of you will know of family or friends who are waiting in pain. This study will look at ways helping patients to recover more quickly. This will not only improve the quality of care but also reduce waiting lists.

Will you and your co-workers join HM-Afaleets on the 5th of May 2019 and make up a relay team? Or maybe you would like to sign up with your family and friends? BART is a small charity but the work it does is becoming even more important we are living longer and more of us will need new knee hips and knees in our lifetime.


Sign up for the 2019 Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon at via the brand new MyTicket App and tick that you will fundraise for BART.


Email or phone 02890 683530 to get your free fundraising pack today.