11 weeks left to train for our Half Marathon

06 July 2018

11 weeks left to train for our Half Marathon

11 weeks to go until the 6th Deep RiverRock Belfast City Half Marathon!  Don't worry if you haven't started officially training, there's still time!  Here's some training tips courtesy of our event partners...

Half Marathon Training Plan



Exclusive access to everything ASICS and it is free. Membership gives you:- 

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ASICS RunKeeper app

Train smarter with the ASICS RunKeeper app, the new home for MY ASICS training plans. Whether you're training for a 10K, Half Marathon or 26.2 miles...the app includes custom workouts, virtual coaching, personalised training, structured training plans backed by science and more!  


Sign up today : https://www.asics.com/ie/en-ie/oneasics/




Core Workouts

You'll be building the miles in the coming weeks but don't forget to include core work and strength exercises as part of your overall Half Marathon training plan.  PRAMA is the perfect platform for sports specific training, with the capacity to train all fitness components in one session.  Speak to the team at Better Gym Belfast (Church Lane) for more details and to give this a go!


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Marathon Fuelled Recipes

Try these awesome recipes from our event sampling partners White's Oats and Linwoods to help support and fuel your Half Marathon training!  





Don't forget to hydrate with...Deep RiverRock of course ;) before, during and after your runs!  



Time to Book Your Half Marathon Place!

Now just to get started....and make sure you sign up for our Half Marathon now!  Deadline is 31st August but our entries are selling thick and fast and we are expecting to sell out before this date...GO!