Back 2 School Virtual 5K Relay 

Back 2 School Virtual 5K Relay

  Complete by Sunday 11th October 2020

Entry Requirements:  Participants under 16 years of age must be accompanied with a responsible adult. All participants must complete the distance of 5K by Sunday 11th October through walking, jogging or running. All participants must obey Government rules on exercise at this time.  Final entry deadline:  Midnight on Wednesday 30th September.

Back To School Virtual Relay


Back 2 School Virtual 5K Relay 

The Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon are delighted to open entries for their Virtual 5K Relay event to celebrate children returning to school. With over 1,832 schools in Norther Ireland embracing for their return under new guidelines, children will be faced with many changes and perhaps challenges - however one thing that shouldn't be any difference is exercise. 

Belfast City Marathon Ltd are hoping that 5,000 runners, walkers and/or joggers will complete a 5K during the month of September. Relaying a 5K for 30 days, children, parents, teachers and other members of the public should come together to pass the baton "virtually" through exercise. 

The 5K is only £10 per person and all registrants will receive a special medal. The event is open for all ages but children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. There is also an option to purchase an event tech t-shirt for £5*

*This must be purchased at the time of registration. 

Belfast City Marathon Ltd would like to encourage all participants to continue with their donations to Official Charity Partner, Cancer Focus NI. Every penny is vital for supporting their services at this incredibly difficult time. 

Final entry will be on 30th September 2020.

Submission of Results 

Once you have completed your challenge you will need to upload your final times to your Eventmaster account. Please click here to see how to do this quickly and easily   

The deadline for completing your run or walk is and uploading your results is Sunday 11th October 2020. After this date the results will be published on our official website

* Please note this is a non competitive event and there are no prizes for this virtual challenge.

All medals and event tech t-shirts will be posted out to all participants mid October 2020.

Race Number Design 

 The organisers of the Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon are delighted to work with official sponsor SPAR NI to give your children the opportunity to get creative and design their very own bib number for the chance to WIN a £50 SPAR NI voucher. Simply download the template here and send to before 30th September 2020.


Terms and Conditions

  • Belfast City Marathon Ltd would like to stress the importance of adhering to local Government legislation on exercise during COVID-19 including social distancing. Remember we do not want to add extra pressure on the NHS at this time with casualties.
  • Always plan your route in advance and be realistic with your daily goals. Ensure you are walking, running or jogging on a suitable surface in a safe and familiar area. Be mindful of road traffic. If you are considering to do all or part of this challenge in a confined area, please do your laps in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions to avoid injury such as pelvic tilt.
  • When carrying out this challenge participants are advised to carry an emergency contact name and number for personal safety and you tell a friend or family member where you intend to walk, jog or run.
  • During the challenge please ensure you wear appropriate clothing, sunscreen (if applicable) and keep yourself hydrated - remember this is a virtual event and we do not wish to place any additional burden on the NHS.
  • Finally please be mindful of your health. Since COVID-19, your exercise patterns may have changed so start gradually to build yourself up and follow the Medical Advice on our site if needed. If you have been affected by COVID-19, please liaise with your GP about participation in this event. Like many infections this virus can affect multiply organs and the body needs time to recover. 

Let stay safe and do this together.