Deep RiverRock

Deep RiverRock is proud to be title sponsor of the Belfast City Marathon. Since establishing this relationship in 2007 we have worked closely with the Belfast City Marathon continuing to broaden the awareness and appeal of this well loved community event.

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As a leading local water brand bottled from a natural underground source in Tullynacross, Co. Antrim it is fitting that Deep RiverRock is the title sponsor of one of the largest events in Northern Ireland’s sporting calendar.

There are many reasons why Deep RiverRock’s continued sponsorship of the Belfast City Marathon is a natural choice, the most obvious being the synergy between both the event and the brand which has facilitated a strong and cohesive relationship.

Deep RiverRock's 'Purer than you' slogan reflects the youthful and edgy image associated with the brand. Its popularity is attributable to the ‘pure not pious’ brand messaging meaning that no matter what our lifestyle choices Deep RiverRock can be enjoyed by us all.

Similarly the Belfast City Marathon is accessible to all, whether you are an athlete, occasionally hit the treadmill or just prefer a gentle walk there is an activity to suit you.

We are delighted to see the growth in the popularity of the Belfast City Marathon both at home and internationally. This success is attributable to the commitment of the team at the Belfast City Marathon Office who are enthusiastic ambassadors for the event but also for the wider community in Northern Ireland!

We wish the team continued success in establishing the Belfast City Marathon on the global marathon calendar and attracting more people to the Belfast region.

Marie Curie