Route for 2017 Deep RiverRock Belfast City Half Marathon

The Race will start and finish in Ormeau Park.

Please click on the below link to view the route.

5th Deep RiverRock Belfast City Half Marathon.

Route Directions

Start Ormeau Embankment   |   Turn left
Turn left   |   Queens Square
Ormeau Road   |   High Street
Turn left 
  |   Turn left
Park Road   |   Cornmarket
Turn left   |   Arthur Street
Ravenhill Road   |   Turn right
Turn left into Park (bottom entrance)   |   Donegall Square North
Run through Park   |   Turn right
Exit at second gate on Ormeau Road   |   Donegall Place
Ormeau Road   |   Turn left
Turn right   |   Castle Street
Ormeau Embankment   |   Divis Street
Turn left   |   Falls Road
Ravenhill Road   |   Turn left
Turn right (off slip onto Albertbridge Road)   |   Grosvenor Road
Albertbridge Road   |   Straight ahead
Turn left   |   Grosvenor Road
Newtownards Road   |   Turn right
Turn right   |   Great Victoria Street
Dee Street   |   Turn left
Cross Dee Street Bridge   |   Bruce Street
Turn left   |   Turn left
Dee Street Roundabout   |   Dublin Road
Turn left   |   Turn left
Sydenham Bypass   |   Botanic Avenue
Turn left   |   Turn left
Victoria Park   |   University Street
Sam Thompson Bridge   |   Turn right
Turn left   |   Ormeau Road
Airport Road   |   Turn left
Turn right   |   Ormeau Embankment
Sydenham Road   |   Turn right
Turn Right onto flyover   |    
Queen's Bridge   |    
Turn right   |    
Donegall Quay   |