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There is no car parking for participants or spectators at Ormeau Park on both the full marathon and half marathon race days.  Ormeau Embankment will also be closed to the public on both days.  For the full marathon event in May, a park and ride system for spectators will be available (but not for the half marathon in September).
The Team Relay is split into five parts. The following distances are approximate: - 6.2 miles - 3.3 miles - 7.2 miles - 4.5 miles - 5 miles
The Marathon Walk distance is Eight miles
The Nutrition Station on the course map are labelled "N". They are located at Whitehouse Park
Please click on the following link for an idea of the course elevation; Miles 9 to 14 are the hillier section of the course, with the rest of the course reasonably flat. A route map can be found on our website,
We provide park and ride facilities for spectators and participants to get to and from the Indoor Tennis Arena and Ozone Complex. The free bus service, which operates every five minutes, departs from Belfast City Council car parks on Ormeau Avenue and Raphael Street and drops off at the entrance to the Indoor Tennis Arena and Ozone Complex in Ormeau Park. The first bus leaves at 10:00am and the last service departs at 5pm. Limited parking is available in Ormeau Avenue and Cromac Street.
Relay teams can have between two to five participants. They can be all-male, all-female or mixed (a mixed teams includes any combination of males and females)
There are four relay changeover points. They are located at - Bridge End - Hillview Road - Gideon's Green - Corporation Street
The Fun Run is approximately three miles long.
Toilets are provided at the marathon start, relay chageover points and finish area. There are also toilets available at the following points; Antrim Road, Duncrue Street, Corporation Street and Ormeau Tow Path.
Showers and limited changing facilities are available near the finish line at the Indoor Tennis Arena and Ozone Complex.
We provide a series of water stations approximately every 1.5 to 2 miles around the Marathon course. Download a map of the main Marathon route (JPEG - 54KB) in the main About section under Marathon Run  Download directions for the main Marathon route (Excel - 45KB) in the main About section under Marathon Run Water will be dispensed in cups at all water stations
The entrire Marathon course is staffed by professional stewards, volunteers and officials from Athletics Northern Ireland. They work together with the Police Service of Northern Ireland to make the course safe for everyone.
We provide water stations throughout the Marathon route, as well as four energy drink stations (PowerAde), two High 5 Energy Gel Stations and a Nutrition Station (Orange Quarters). �Download a map of the main Marathon route in the main About section under Marathon Run �